When we as ordinary people pray and give in Jesus name, extraordinary things can happen.

Hey friends!
Paul pens  many amazing thoughts about planting the gospel. One of the most famous is,“one man plants, another man waters and then God brings the increase”. We have partnered with God in planting something to be proud of here in Medicine Hat. We have watched countless seeds go into good soil.  We are even watching seedlings of discipleship sprouting up all over the place! People are making life altering decisions inside of a healthy spiritual community. These sprouts of the gospel are now called Neighbourhood Church. 
Heading into the what we have dubbed the“Watering Can” season, there are unique challenges that are popping up. It is not always the most popular season to be involved in church planting. It does not have the allure of the first days, of putting a spade into the ground, but what it does have is the the ability to see the seeds come to life as a harvest prepares itself before our very eyes. 
As church planters we have worked our lives around what God is doing and have seen an incredible team unite for the cause of the gospel. People dedicated to thinking differently and listening to the creativity of the Holy Spirit. Together we are seeing real change happen in our city’s downtown.
As we continue into the Watering Can season, we are looking for some bold people to come along side us and add more water to the can. In this season we are looking to raise some funds to assist the Neighbourhood Church budget to supply a part time salary for myself (Michael). During this season, Amberley will continue working towards her CPA designation, which is of course part of our long term church planting strategy. Jude and Ida are also usually in care during the week, which enables me to keep focussed on the work at hand.
Between now and June 30 we are looking to raise  $1500 per month for the next year. This amount can be chopped into many pieces from $50 to $500 to $1500. Every contribution is important and every amount of water goes a long way. 
Thank you for your prayerful consideration in supporting our young family in our church plant calling! 
With much love
Michael and Amberley Fischer

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