At NHC we are preparing for our first annual meeting and in doing so want to make sure that we are understanding both the needs of those we are trying to reach as well as those we are trying to disciple. The following information will give us a great snap shot of those needs. 

Do you currently recieve our weekly bulletins?
I am a bringer
This describes your frequency of inviting friends as evangelism.
Mid week options
We have not been doing mid week activities but are considering some changes. Check all that apply
Prayer Ministry
If the following were available again I would make to be involved.
Weekly Gathering
Weekly Gathering
The information gathered below is not to vent criticisms but to help us in making sure that we are on the right track or if we need to make some improvements in our mission of telling our city about Jesus.
I find the preaching / teaching to be helpful and lead me deeper in my discipleship
I find childrens ministry to meet my families needs (if applicable)
I find it easy to engage and praise God during the music portions
I like the length of the weekly gathering
I am into the lobby feel and vibe
The look & feel of the sanctuary makes engaging with God and others easy
Courses and Groups
Courses and Groups
These are the meetings that happen either in homes or in the church but not on Sunday mornings.
The content is good and helpful
I can bring friends to these environments
Serving Habits (check all that apply)