NHC interns dive into church plant life in a 6 month period. They cover the theology and missiology behind what we do. Some topics covered include proper communication of the gospel, outreach in 2016 and how to manage as a leader and follower. NHCi is different than most programs because we are not a discipleship school, and we are not a bible college. We value small class sizes and one on one mentorship. We believe in building the next leaders of NHC and the next leaders of the church plants that could still be a dream in your heart. 


NHC interns is available to anyone who has completed high school and has a heart for church planting or a heart for the house. 



More info coming! 

COST and time

NHCi is a free program! There are some costs that you will need to cover on your own. These costs include course materials etc. Because of the flexibility of the program you will be given the course list and can choose either a kindle version or paper version of the books. The next program begins January 18th. We will be meeting Wednesday and Thursdays from 10 - 3. Because we are a hybrid program we assume and expect that those taking the program are involved in a life outside of the church.