So you want to join a neighbourhood community... here is what you need to know

Lets start the discussion on discipleship / outreach and church growth from scratch. Instead of a typical church small group where seperations are made based on age-gender-interst-sushi preference, we are going to try bringing together communities represented inside and outside of Neighbourhood Church. It takes all personalities, ideas, perceptions and theological curves to form a community. Let's all share our lives on a level where we can be ourselves.  As communties build we are excited to see what takes shape and how we help shape eachothers faith walks. So if you live in the east - west - or city centre, pick a group and get plugged in. 

Neighbourhood West Community

The Neighbourhood West Community meets Thursday nights in Redcliff. It's a relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughs and great discussions! This group is open to anyone and if you are new we cannot wait to meet you! For more information and address drop us an email at